'There is also a song about manspreading and a brilliant parody of falsetto vocalising. The camping and mugging are a lot of fun, but you can only send up something well if you're also pretty good at it yourself. Hannagan and crew can sing and they have all the right moves.'
★★★★ The Age
'Fusing candid podcast journalistic expose with corporate crime thriller, POP|PRESS is a hilariously satirical and surprisingly dark exploration of fame, scandal, and the dangers inherent in the corporatisation of Art... Hannagan’s razor sharp wit is perfectly matched by Thibaud Mateos Hernandez’s masterful arrangements to create a score of artfully constructed and wickedly cheeky new pop classics.'
Aussie Theatre
'The cast of Pop|Press is so talented that in some instances the parody pop is actually better than the original it is sending up. Hannagan is wonderful as the Harry Styles-esque Heath Row. He has a versatile voice with which he effortlessly delivers his numbers while performing complex dance routines in sync with his backup dancers.... Hannagan’s seven original 'club bangerz' co-written especially for the show with Thibaud Mateos Hernandez, would rival the most catchy of the pop songs playing on Nova or Fox FM. Hannagan is fluent in pop and knows exactly how to deliver smash hits every time...The story is engaging, the characters are all the more endearing for their flaws and complexity and the musical numbers are not to be missed.'
★★★★Arts Hub
'A cult classic in the making... Will Hannagan brings a low-key, smouldering magnetism to the role of Heath Row.'
Theatre Press


Heath Row is a global pop sensation. After defecting from twinky super group Se7en Moments of Malibu his brand (and infamy) has only continued to grow. But, in the midst of a 200 city world tour and embroiled in an endorsement scandal with some of Silicon Valley's biggest brands, he is becoming disenchanted by his career. He wants to create real art. A legacy.

Over two months, Peabody award winner, Bechtel Beckstein, is following the movements of Row in their new podcast, P.O.P. (People of Power). What starts as a simple exposé on the lives of the rich and the famous soon descends into that murkiest pit of human vices: Homocide. But is he guilty?

Not everything is as it seems in Tinsel Town: sometimes murder isn't simply an act of revenge, Grammy-envy or even the fallout from a failed endorsement deal. Sometimes murder is just scandal, and scandal is art. And art is what Heath wants. 

Part Podcast, part musical thriller, POP|PRESS is a dance infused murder mystery of Perez proportions.

POP|PRESS was presented by KIN Collaborative as part of the 2015 Melbourne Fringe. As well as writing and directing, I performed in the show. Songs by Thibaud Mateos and myself. Choreography by Charlotte Tooke. 

Below are some clips from the piece.