'The Hannagan/Jenkins duo has crafted a beautiful score with powerful melodies and catchy hooks... Until Tomorrow is exceedingly entertaining.' 
★★★★ Theatre People

“It it the 21st of December, 2012. By the ancient Mayan calendar it is predicted that this will be the last day on earth. Most of us, however, think this is nonsense. But if it were, wouldn’t you try to set things straight, fix what is broken or do something you had never done? Even the flickering possibility of apocalypse is impetus enough for change, be it big or small. You have a choice.”

Until Tomorrow is a series of 12 short dramatic fragments, each of which culminate in a song. The fragments play out chronologically, counting down to midnight, when the world will supposedly end. Some characters succumb to irrational hysteria, others are plagued by doubt; some reveal the worst in humanity while others are exemplars of solidarity and spirit—for if they were to go that night, at least they could be sure that they were going together, not alone.

Until Tomorrow was presented by KIN Collaborative at the Northcote Town Hall and later at St Martins Youth Arts Centre as part of the 2012 Melbourne Fringe. It was my second collaboration with long-time friend and writing partner Belinda Jenkin.