'A brilliant musical fantasia.' 
Chris Boyd, The Australian

'William Hannagan's writing is superb...both lyrically and musically, the songs would not feel out of place on a genuine Gaga album.' ★★★★ ArtsHub
'Hilarious... Ingenious.' ★★★★★ SameSame
‘GAGA V ASSANGE is a gloriously humorous romp through musical theatre, pop culture and social politics… the script expertly balances fact, fiction and fun… an excellent piece of fringe-style musical comedy, a fun and rollicking experience.’ Gashe
'A stylish mash-up of morals, media and music…fresh, engaging, intelligent.’ Theatre Press

'Tragically good.' Julian Assange

Lady Gaga is afraid. After accidently giving an STI to the world’s most famous hacker, Julian Assange, she thinks he might vengefully leak the sex tapes. To make amends, she turns up unannounced to the Ecuadorian Embassy with a plan, a plan to help him escape. But Julian doesn’t want a bar of it. Not even a swath of her best europop anthems will ease his hurt. But as she refuses to leave and he can’t, deadlock ensues. What follows is a romp of epic pure-pop proportions. And when egos clash so do dogmas. The result: pandemonium. 

Gaga V Assange started its life at Melbourne University's Mud Fest where it went viral after a slew of tweets from Wikileaks and an actual mention by Julian Assange himself. After some development it played Midsumma and Adelaide Fringe Festivals to rave reviews.