'I was in tears for a better part of this show, whether from laughing too hard, or from being utterly moved by Jack and Eileen's story, and Hannagan's stunning vocal prowess.
Look out for the name Will Hannagan in the Melbourne music and theatre scene. He is an utter delight to listen to, and an enthralling performer to observe.'
Australian Stage

‘As a kid I remember staying at my grandparents a lot. Nana baking apple slice while yelling at the television; Jacko (that’s my grandpa) feeding the chooks, regaling us with stories of their youth. He’d tell us how he used to ride into Hamilton at night, kip on the freezing platform, just so he’d get to Melbourne in time to watch his sweetheart sing at the St Kilda Town Hall. Theirs was a romance that endured. Sixty years. And I only caught the tail end of it. 

What I remember most was the music. The five different cast recordings of South Pacific. The tears in Jack’s eyes as he listened to Some Enchanted Evening for the hundredth time. The way Paul Robeson’s brooding bass could stir some recollection of her. 

This is a show about my youth and theirs. I want families to see this show. But mostly I just want to sing the songs Jack loved.’

Songs for Jack was performed at the Butterfly Club in May 2017. Return performances are planned in Melbourne and Sydney. Watch this space.