'Will Hannagan, the Prince of Pop Pastiche... bling-ed to the nines and bronzed even further delivers a knock-out performance as the ex-Disney-child-star-turned-drug-addled-club-kid on the road to redemption. Hannagan's outstanding song-writing talent, coupled with the musical mastery of Thibaud Mateos, makes his new pop album entirely viable... a deliciously silly, yet thought-provoking indictment of fame, celebrity and middle-class consumerist culture'
Aussie Theatre
'It manages to captivate with pop anthems and tongue-in-cheek hilarity and simultaneously connect with emotional authenticity. Considering the perils of fame are well-trodden territory, Affluenza succeeds in taking a groundbreaking approach with the subject matter and leaves the audience with a lasting emotional impression'
Arts Hub
'The tracks are Eurovision ready... Hannagan and Ten Eyck's performances are wonderful.'
Cabaret Confessional
'An intimate piece that's both hilarious and heart breaking'
The Australia Times

In Affluenza Will Hannagan transforms from kale-crunching North Fitzroy twat to Hollywood golden boy gone bad.  He’s LiLo meets Miley, only gayer: a drug-addled clubkid on the road to redemption after a vacuous life of excess. A Disney child star, a pin-up of Uncle Sam’s, corrupted by the Pop Machine. In one tell-all interview, Robbie Ten Ecyk, Footscray’s finest turned hard-hitting talk show host to the stars, questions him on fame, abuse, scandal and finally, redemption.  But while Will is just trying to win back some public kudos and promote his new album, Affluenza (an ode to decadence and decay), Robbie’s sole object is great television. No matter what the cost.

 Affluenza had its sole season at the 2015 Midsummer Festival. Robbie Ten Eyck directed and co-starred, Thibaud Mateos co-composed and produced the tracks. The songs of Affluenza form the backbone of my debut EP, available under the Music tab. 

Meanwhile check out this clip from the show with me singing to some total rando. Sorry about the poor lighting.

And the original trailer... It's a riot.