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Willing is a razzed up clone of Will Hannagan: A moniker, an enigma, a porcelain figure of the authentic self...

...Willing is Will in the gerund. No longer mere Will but a propulsion of perseverance that links present to future. He appears to you as a beacon of pop ephemera, an artist whose eclecticism is only outmatched by his theatrical urgency. The baritone with the heart some call him, a sexy dag, the impossible lovechild of Frank Ocean and Liza Minelli. Indeed, on the venn diagram of theatre and pop Willing sits both in the middle and next door.

‘Don’t stop baby’ he tells himself, reclining on the faux-suede chaise. ‘You’re gonna make it’ he murmurs. And he keeps on writing. Willing takes a sad song and makes it a requiem. He turns bops to bangers, jingles to jizzers and mock glam to slow jam. He is the embodiment of an ‘aha’ moment.

 'Never succumb,' he whispers softly, wiping the sleep from his eyes. Willing is spent. The baroque clown, the furrowed brow, the here and now. He’s out of wet-ones.

His influence is as broad as the queer church he calls his salvation. He grew up on a diet of Rogers, Hammerstein and Marianne Faithful; he came of age crying himself to sleep to Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright; spent countless nights on the club floor grinding to house every goddam weekend, only to realise he wanted to be George Michael but more femme.

Small Cruelties, his sophomore EP, moves Willing beyond the spheres of top 40 pastiche and cabaret into a world of electronic queer pop. From burning torch songs to horny house bangers, this is music to dance to and be moved by. The project is his Songs of Innocence and Experience. A journey into the naivety of first love, and callousness of first loss. It is about cruelty to both the other and the self. The resentment and subsequent freedom. The tumult and revolt of leaving the union. The choice to pursue the downward spiral just to know how it feels at rock bottom. The utter privilege of that choice. The ridiculousness and absurdity of every bloody moment.

Say goodbye to your dream boy. Say hello to Willing.